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El Pausilipo Museum

El Pausilipo Museum Its name has a Greek origin and it is located in Las Tablas District.

Corregimiento de Las Tablas Abajo, an open grassland called “El Guásimo” by Belisario Porras himself.

The old big house where this museum is located was abandoned and in 1976 it became part of Panama’s Historic Heritage, thanks to the association of the municipalities in Los Santos province.

As background information we know that on 2 April 1889, Belisario Porras signed a contract in the city of Panama with Mr. Abraham Madariaga, a native of Cuba living in Las Tablas, for him to build his house in Mr. Madariaga’s grassland –El Guásimo- as El pausílipo was originally named, an adobe, wood and tiles house.

During Dr. Porras’s Presidential term, diplomats and renowned politicians became regular visitors to the house, but at the same time, its doors were open to poor farmers in the area.

Important issues of a national interest were discussed in that house to the extent that the Presidency of the Republic was repeatedly transferred to this historic farm.

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