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History Museum

Address: Ave. 7° central, Palacio Municipal, San Felipe Town, next to the 1903 Independence Square.

History Museum It is located in a neoclassical building from 1910.

Its collections are grouped according to the country’s various historical periods, namely, the Colonial period (1501 to 1821), the Departmental period (1821 to 1903) and the Republican period (from 1903 to the present).

This distribution takes into consideration events and monuments which had an impact on the country’s life so that the visitor may get an idea of the significance and most important events of each historic period together with the involvement of various human groups making up the Panamanian nationality, including local and foreign ethnic minorities.

The Museum’s exhibitions maintain an exclusively educational nature that is typical of Panamanian museums, while objects are shown in four small rooms, one of which exhibits Panama’s first national pavilion and the banner made by María Osa de Amador.

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