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Herrera Museum

Herrera MuseumAddress: Calle Manuel María Correa y Avenida Julio Arjona. Chitré-Herrera.

Hundreds of thousands of local and foreign visitors as well as school children and adult people have visited this Museum’s rooms, and they leave with a complete idea of what this inner land of hardworking men and women is all about.

The room known as the Eco-friendly Corner comprises the various regions of this province such as the Coast Region; the Low Lands and the Upper Lands with their typical vegetation and animal life, together with specimens of crabs, ducks, “cucharros”, partridges, iguanas, macaws, toucans, deers, rabbits, snakes and a variety of butterflies.

The Archaeology Room shows a compendium of the seven periods of pre-Hispanic times. It starts when the big mammals first appeared on the Isthmus, then came man with his everyday eating habits, the big “cacicazgos”, weapons, burials, the use of ceramics, shells and stone, and ends with the period when native Indians came into contact with Spaniards.

An adjoining room shows a replica of Indian Chief Parita’s burial.


This Museum has a well-documented library that is available to visitors together with the ethnography and Herrera room having decrees and resolutions whereby Herrera province was created.

Another room, dedicated to Chitré, the capital of this province, treasures old and present-day maps, the history of journalism in Chitré, education, radio, communication and transport means, handicraft, the first Panamanian flag made in Chitré, century-end weapons, shields, as well as the history of Saint John Baptist’s Cathedral with images, polychrome woodcuts, an 18 th century bell and photographs of that period.

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